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EP 1 - a sculpin

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This pattern just clicked in my head when I saw it in the Winter 2010 Fly Tyer, p.10.

Where else have I seen this? Have I really not? It looks like the perfect fly. Infinitely varied by color and size, it is like the threeway love child of the Wolly Bugger, the Zonker, and Clouser Deep.

I have made one adjustment over the fly pictured in the mag - with the Clouser's weighted eyes, this fly rides hook up. So I tie in the Zonker strip tail in " upside down" so the hair side rides up. The rest is obvious as a wolly bugger. Today, fished smacked it left and right. It really looks and acts like those little pointy nosed sculpins I see around here, though my flies were darker than the real ones.

I can't wait to get my hands on some purple schlappen so I can tie some up for lake run trout in the Milwaukee river.



Fly credited to Peter Harrison


Hook: Dealer's Choice. ditto on thread.

Weight: Dumbell eyes.

Tail: Rabbit strip with sparse flash

Body: Cactus chenille or dubbed

Hackle: Palmered saddle hackle. Webby is OK.



Tie this in hot colors, tie it to fish as a cray, tie whites and sand and crab colores for saltwater denziens. I can't wait to swing this at some big browns that live in little waters. And, yes. Tie it for smallies, those Adonis of the branch. The gamest fish that swims.

I think I'm in love.


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Nice Fly.


I will dig out my Fly Tyer to take a look. Here is one case where recipe fits. As a life long baker, Mom used to say,"I can tell that recipe is good because it has all good things in it." I can tell that fly is good.


I fisrt saw how good bunny fur is at the last Arlington Show I went to some years ago. Hammerin Hare had a booth. Remember the Hammerin'Hare Jig and Spinnerbait?


How many flies incorporate bunny strips into effective patterns? It is a long list I bet.


1. EP 1

2. Hairy Fodder

3... Want to add more?

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