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Basasbuggers 11/14 central mtg.

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The central region will kick off the tying season next Sunday at the Urbana Public Library at 1:00 pm. Guest speaker is Reggie Alexander from the Indianapolis Fly Casters club. Reggie's speciality is deer hair & he will teach/tie along two patterns. Following is a note from him on what to bring; the ISA will cover materials with Reggie's help. Note the clamp in addition to your tools, thread & glue. Plan to tie even if you don't do deer hair, this is a teaching demo! Rob G. is hosting & I'll leave other details for him. Non member guests ARE welcome!


The flies I will be doing are Everett Drake’s Wounded Minnow & Pat’s Popper.


Two simple deer hair flies which for many people is an oxymoron.


The Wounded Minnow is a bullet head fly developed by local tyer Everett Drake, who pasted away shortly after winning the Buszek Award in 1979.


The fist time I did the Wounded Minnow at a shown was at the 1997 FFF Conclave in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


I use Tiemco 8089 size 10. My intent is to go through 3 hooks per person that is there, I’m bring finished flies for everyone there, and providing “blanks” for everyone.


We will build a blank from scratch then while the glue dries, use the blank I provide to build the Wounded Minnow and with the blank they made build a second.


For the Pat’s Popper I use Tiemco 101 sizes 8 & 10. For the class I prefer 8’s but they are harder to find if we have to we can use the turned down eye 100.



Regarding deer hair I have ordered proper hair for the Minnow from Chris Helm and if they want to hang on the patches all that I ask is that my cost is covered.



For Pat’s Popper I use dyed belly hair. I have plenty for tying the flies Sunday but it’s my stash and will go back with me.



Thead: I use Gudebrod GX2 and have a supply for Sunday.



For Pat’s Popper I like Roman Moser’s Power Silk but my supply is getting low.



I plan on having at least 10 sets of bullet head tools to the class to use. If someone wants to buy a set, for Sunday I will sell a set of six for $6.00, which covers the material cost.


The members need to bring a clamp to lock down a block of wood to the table. Their tying tools and vise. Super Glue and their head cement.


I have hair, hackle, Rainy Foam, instructions, bullet head tools.


Both of these flies are quick easy deer hair flies that cast easy.





This should be fun - hope to see a big turnout!

John L

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