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Interesting Susquehanna article

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“Anglers that would argue or down the new regulations either enjoy eating what they catch or place their own selfish desires to continue utilizing the fishery as they have in the past, not thinking of what is best for the resource.”


I wish Bob Clouser would really say what he thinks :mellow:


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Jim. We could be next. Forwarned is forarmed.


Comment: I remember 50 years ago. There were bass in IL. But the dominant "catch and eat" ethic of the time precluded them getting very big or numerous. As a species the fish survived biologically though the fishery needed a lot of help from conservationists and groups like ISA to get to where it is today.


Moral: There is a difference between what a certain tournament sponsoring group wants and what conservationists like ISA are looking for.

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