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Kaskaskia float

Andy C

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Mike Svob's "Paddling Illinois" ( highly recommended--I've worn out his 2 books on Wisconsin ) puts the first take out at 5 miles at the Copeland Bridge which on on road 1800E. Next takeout is at 12.5 miles at the Moore Bridge, although that a looooong float for a days fishing. More important might be the water level, the USGS gauge at Shelbyville is at 46 cfs ( which seems impossibly low if the gauge is below the dam--unless they are NOT releasing any water) 22 miles downstream at Cowden the reading is 328 cfs. Svob says in his book "locals indicate the river gets low at 600 cfs" Something seems off here if the, river is indeed that low a float would be impossible. Best to call somebody local.

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Thanks Gordon




Cowden gauge shows 82 CFS today and shelbyville is still releasing at 46 cfs, there must be a tributary somewhere that will raise the CFS? I will give it a go even if it is low, I don't mind a little (lot) of dragging. Just means that we will probably be the only people on the river hopefully.



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