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Kankakee River Film Tour

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I joined the group filming for a major river documentary at the state line bridge this morning.

We set off with 3 boats around 5 a.m. for a 10 hour day of filming, fishing, eating and great conversation regarding the river....and the life of good 'ol boys on the river in Indiana. One is a full-time trapper. You don't find too many like him any longer.

We first made the rounds bringing in the limb lines set out the night before by my boat mates. A nice flathead cat was brought in from this.

Fishing saw another real nice channel cat, some LM bass and big bluegills.

Lunch consisted of grilling on the 24 ft. duck barge. Kankakee River frog legs, stuffed peppers and pirogies...doesn't get any better than that.


Interestingly, all fish were released- even the limb line ones.


Saw a bald eagle, otters, muskrats, turkey vultures feating on a dead deer in the river...you name it. Wildlife all around.


The most fun I've had on a river in years, and for a great cause.....documenting a real treasure that is in real trouble.


More photos:








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