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Lusk Creek...

Brad G

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Somebody tell me about Lusk Creek... I saw in the "Rivers of the ISA" video that Lusk Creek was included. I've spent quite a bit of time in extreme southern Illinois over the past 20 years or so. In fact, I own some property down there [just north of Golconda, in Pope County] and have done a lot of fishing in the lower Lusk, but never caught any smallies there. So what's the scoop?

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I'm glad you took the time to view that video!

One of my first, so please bear with me on that. It was a learning experience.

I learned only after producing it that it is really too far south beyond the smallmouth range in IL.

So that's the explanation for it's inclusion.

I was going with photos that our members posted from their fishing excursions.

Some beautiful scenery, nonetheless....and it would still be a river of the ISA in that sense.

Beyond that, I hope you enjoyed it. Post some photos on the forums or email them to me, and there could be another version in the future.


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That's interesting, because it does look like good smallmouth habitat when you get farther upstream, past where you could put a boat in it. I talked with a local after seeing your video and he told me there wasn't any smallmouth in it, however he told me that there was smallmouth in Big Creek, up near the Iron Furnace (NE of Rosiclaire). He said he had caught them there up to 15". I've waded the strectch at the Iron Furnace with my wife on a rock hunt (she's kind of a fossil nut), and it looks just like the little streams we canoe down in MO. Next time I'm down I plan on running up there with the fly rod and I'll take some pics.

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I don't know if I'd call myself a "fly-rodder", or not... definately rookie status anyway! I fly fished quite a bit for lmb and bluegills in the past, but haven't picked up a fly rod in several years. I always loved throwing pike flies (big giant dahlberg divers, and steamers) for lmb in the spring and early summer, then little poppers and sinking no-name rubber leg bugs for 'gills.


All the fly-fishing I've done has been in lakes and ponds. Actually, going up and fishing in the Mack the other day kinda had me wishing I would have brought a fly rod. I've got a St. Croix 8/9 weight rod loaded with #10FWF pike line that I always used for lmb, and an old South Bend Double Built fiberglass rod (it was my grandfather's) loaded with #7 that I used for gills. I figured I'd try the south bend for smallies. I'd describe it's action as HSS (heavy, soft, and slow!), but I always thought fishing with gramps rod was pretty special, and I know he'd get a kick out of it if he was still around.

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Hey, I am that local you talked to...


That's cool! Andy I'm gonna be down there this weekend through about Wednesday of next week. I'm going to shoot you a PM.

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