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Black Earth Creek

Mark K

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A few weeks ago we were on the way home from Wisconsin. I decided to take the scenic route. I had a book about wisconsin trout streams with and decided to check one out. Black Earth Creek, a half hour out of Madison. Looks like it has easy access and it's quite pretty I might try to hit it come spring. I've never caught a stream trout in my life, and apart from what I read in books am pretty clueless on the subject.

Anybody fish it or have any comments?

I've also read a lot about Mt Vernon Creek nearby as well as the Mecan River.


A stone's throw from the place I stay up there is Fountain Creek. Right outside of the exciting town of Hustler (Home of the Hooterbowl). I've seen fish in there, nice ones I might add but they were out of season.


I've appreciate anything anyone can throw out about these streams or any other or just the Wisconsin trout thing in general.



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Just read your missive on trout streams in Wisconsin. Black Earth Creek is one of the most difficult to fish as the fish seem to be extremely "vibration" sensitive, the bottom is very silty, and the approaches are difficult. I got on the Mecan twice. I have been told there is open water to allow for casting but the only places I found were really tight with blow-downs and sweepers. It was one of Joe Brooks favorite streams.


If you want to do some trout fishing, I would reccomend going on up to the coulees near Westby. Lots of water, access, and fish.


For me, as a guy who just joined the alliance, I am really looking forward to learning the ropes. When I read the kinds of lures used I have no idea what they are and I need to fish more so I am looking for places closer to home.


The main thing, of course, is to have fun! Go walk some trout streams with a camera and then decide where you want to fish.


If you want to tie trout flies as well as bass and salmon, visit the NIFT (Northern Illinois Fly Tyers) 0n their site.



Tight lines,



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Hustler is a tiny little town located on the Omaha bike trail nestled right outside of Amish country. It has a very handy little convenience/general store called "the Hustle STOP". Hence it is a popular stop for cyclists.

I have not visited the Hooterbowl yet just noticed the sign passing through. I too, was intrigued by the name. However, I suspect "Hooter" refers to one who "hoots" as in "a hootin and a hollerin!" rather than mammalian protruberances. I think it is just a bowling alley/restaraunt and gathering place for the locals.

Every year Hustler holds "Hustlerfest" complete with tractor pulls and a chicken toss. I can never seem to get out there when it's going on. This years slogan was "All Jacked Up", in reference to a popular country song (I'm told) and suspension modification of a farm tractor used in competive pulling.

Talk about a slice of Americana. how could you not love such a place.

And if that isn't enough about Hustler CLICK HERE



Jack-Thanks for the feedback a few of the books echo what you said about Black earth being a very challenging fisherey. Excellent website. I like that Madonna. Gonna give it a try.



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In case you are looking for winter reading, I read "No Hatch to Match" while on my last trip to the driftless area. It's written by a guy who has fished that part of the world pretty hard. Dang, that book really confirmed a lot of things that were just starting to dawn on me. I wish I had read it before I was halfway through my trip.


Still learning,



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Rich worked at the original Gander in Wilmot for a number of years. He now lives in Mauston and I believe he guides trout in the driftless area. He ties killer hairbugs, mylar minnows, and his own version of a wooly bugger. The last time I saw him was at the Prarie Portage ranger station in Quetico. He was there with his brother Stuart who publishes the Boundry Water Journal. Rich is a great flyfisher, tyer, and all around nice guy.

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