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Jeff D

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Hello all at ISA.

I just wanted to take a moment to say hello and introduce myself. The name is Jeff, and I am excited about becoming a member of this organization and I look forward to opportunities to assist in conservation activities, as well as fishing for my favorite species…the Smallie! I recently received my new member packet, and was blown away with the newsletter! What a fantastic publication with a first class touch. This is a very dedicated group of individuals, and it shows in the newsletters, in the forums, and in all the activities planned, as wll as conservation efforts undertaken by this organization past, and present. Additional hats off on the web-site.....This is also a first class site and you should be proud of it!


Looking forward to meeting you along the way in the near future.


Jeff Didier

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Thanks Jeff.

Look forward to fishing and working with you, hopefully for many years to come.

Your heartfelt note causes people like me to keep working hard at it.

Thanks for the inspiration, it is genuinely appreciated.

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I live in Lake Zurich, and yes I do fly fish, although for me it's more like what author John Gierach states "Standing in a River Waving a Stick"!....but I am learning. jeff

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