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Free Kids Fishing Event Registration Open

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This is a general press release on the event.

If you'd like to VOLUNTEER, there will be opportunities to register before long.

This is for those that would like to bring the kids and enjoy what is being offered!


Every child attending gets a rod and reel, tackle kit, lunch and much more!


We are thrilled to announce that enrollment in Sgt. Tommy's Kids' Fourth Annual Kids Fishing Day is now open.


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Setting up free rods for hundreds of kids....




Fishing and more fishing....




Special guests regularly come out to help us honor those who serve.

Chicago Bear Dennis McKinnon helps the kids cast at the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance Kids Casting Clinic:




Hot and buttery corn on the cob....




Dan Basore and his Antique Fishing Lures collection:




Crafts and Games:




Lunch is served. Come and get it!








This free day of fishing and outdoor activities will take place on Saturday, June 19 from 10-2 at Herrick Lake in Wheaton, Ill. Note that this is earlier than previous fishing days you may have attended, as we want to ensure we have the best possible fishing conditions and we reach as many people as possible.


Attending children will have the opportunity to learn about and practice fishing, participate in games and crafts, and enjoy a free lunch. Every child will also receive a rod and reel, in hopes that he or she will continue to enjoy the sport after the day is complete.


At this time, registration is open to all children ages 3-15 with a family member (mother/father/brother/sister/cousin/aunt/uncle, etc.) currently or previously working in the military, police department or fire department. Attendees must sign up in advance. To register for the event, please visit http://www.sgttommyskids.org



We hope you'll choose to participate and become active in this foundation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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