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A few streamers

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Here is what I have been working on of late. This first fly is Joe Cornwall's take on the Murdich Minnow. Definitely a little different as the body is made up of xlarge cactus hackle rather than estaz:




Now, Joe's version does not include the cone head. I wanted the cone head on this particular fly to give me some weight so I could effectively get it down on a floating line. The original "Joe" model uses no weight and is fished on a sinking line. I tried this fly out in the water last night and it is going to be a real winner!


The fly below is one I call "Casper". I am really into the tying material known as "body fur". It comes in many colors and is relatively cheap. So far, I have made this fly and a sculpin pattern made from this same body fur. When I make this simple fly I attach the 1/4 inch zonker strip, then make a few wraps of white cross cut, add 15 or so wraps of .025 lead free wire wrap, and last I wind on the body fur. Whip finish the head and then I get out the scissors and trim the bottom fairly flat and trim the sides of the fly heavily. I think the trimmed sides make the fly dart better in the water. I also trim the top just a little to give it a minnow-head look. Attach the eyes with Marine Goop and I am done. The fly rides hook down in the water, which is not a problem as I use this fly much the same as I use a fluke.





Now all I need is for my rivers to come down and clear out. I head to Georgia on Tuesday and these flys will see my playing time.

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The pearl fly will sink very, very slowly without the cone head. This could be good in many situations. In addition, the fly absorbs little or no water. I am fairly sure it could be cast on a five weight rod.


The other fly (the one with rabbit and body fur) does not cast too awfully bad even though it has quite a bit of rabbit on it.

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The 3 streamers shown at the bottom are excellent ties and don't appear to be hybrids of any pattern I've come across. Might be a good idea to submit them to some of the manufacturers to see if you get a "bite".

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