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Reminder- Sunday is Tyer's day!


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Just a reminder that this Sunday, Feb. 28th is the Bassbugger's Tying Day. It is being held at Bloomington Fire Station #2, starting around 12:30pm. Directions are posted in the original post that I just bumped to the head of the list.


I plan on tying some Hairy Fodders and Murdich Minnows, and if anyone is interested, I can demonstrate how to whip finish by hand (without a tool). It's really quick and easy.


Any input on interesting patterns to demonstrate would be greatly appreciated! :D



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I sure intended to be there, but now have an afternoon church board meeting to attend. If it finishes in time, I will try to swing by to see what is happening, but it looks pretty "iffy" for me.

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I will be coming down from Chicago and I am trying to bring some other buggers with me.

How about a cell phone number in case we get lost?


Stan Z.

708-606-4148 cell

Lost? Where do you think you are going? This is not the big city and confusing suburbs!

Veteran's Parkway south to Rt 150, then S. to Hamilton Rd, turn left, you're there! I'd give you my cell #, but I'll be late, if there at all.

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