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3/20/10 - Deer Hair Day


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Bassbuggers, here's a great opportunity to develop your deer hair fly tieing skills.

ISA members Michael Taylor and Cory Gale in a cooperative event with Joseph Meyer are offering a day of learning and practicing the art of tieing with deer hair.


When: Saturday, March 20th, ~10am to ~3pm

Where: One More Cast Fly Shop - Countryside, IL

What: Michael and Cory will work with you in practicing 'spinning' and 'stacking' deer hair and shaping the resulting mess of hair into a bass catching machine. Joseph will add his expertise teaching the "Zoo Cougar" pattern.

Who: This is for those who have never messed with deer hair and want to see what it's all about and also for those who are experienced with deer hair and want to develop those skills further.

Note: It's also just a hoot to interact with the fun, stories, and one-liners of these 3 wild and crazy guys.


So, come on out and join us. Feel free to drop in and come and go as you please. (As Joseph is fond of saying, "We are rigidly flexible!")

You will want to bring (or obtain there)100 - 200 denier gelspun thread, serrated scissors, "Brassie" packing tool, and a rotating vise capable of securely holding a 1/0 hook. (If you don't have a C-clamp style vise, bring a C-clamp to secure your vise to the table top.) Also, if you don't have a vise, come any way and we'll share a loaner for the day.


If you are planning on coming (either for the day or a partial) please, post or pm (coryg) so we can get an idea of how many tie-ers to plan for.


Note: We'll probably all kick in a few bucks and order some pizza for lunch (unless I can sweet talk Joseph into making one of his marvelous soups or stews).


Cory Gale - Fly Tieing Coordinator

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