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ISA Booth @ ScoutORama 2010

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The ISA will be hosting a booth and helping with the fishing program. Our friends at DRiFT and Sgt. Tommy's Kids are hosting booths and helping out as well.

More information later, and a call for volunteers.





"The event will take place on Saturday, May 15, 2010, at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois (30 miles west of Chicago). Scout O Rama celebrations only take place every 3 years and this years event will draw in some 10,000 scouts and there parents from 11 districts in 3 counties in the Three Fires Council Area. We will have over 150 different vendors and booths filled with activities, displays, and hands on fun (including FISHING!) for all. This year we are combining Scout O Rama with Camporall and will have 5000 scouts camping at the newly acquired St. James Farm forest preserve."


100th Anniversary Scout-O-Rama 2010 Highlights


Fishing Pond at Cantigny

Visit Three Fires Council’s - Largest Scout-O-Rama Midway.

Participate in over 100 interactive displays, games, and crafts at Scout-O-Rama!

Great fun, fellowship, and Scouting History Displays.

Outside organizations and sponsors will be on hand with displays and program activities.

Fox River Radio League will have a Ham Radio Set-up talk to Scouts around the country.

Order of the Arrow will have Native American displays.

Cantigny will have concessions available at Scout-O-Rama.

Participate in the “Amazing Geocaching Race.”

Live communications with the Space Station and Scouts worldwide.

Age appropriate/separate activities for Venturers, Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts.

Special activities for Cub Scouts including; Marbles, Water Rockets, Sling Shot Activities, BBs and Archery.

Special activities for Boy Scouts, including, BBs and Archery, Monkey Bridge, Rope Bridge, and our TFC Climbing Wall.

Free parking and Free shuttle rides to and from Scout-O-Rama or Camporall.

Plus much more!!!! Watch this website or text SCOUTS to 30101 for event updates (standard text messaging rates apply).


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