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State By State Smallmouth Records

Mike Clifford

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After hearing about the 10 lb'er from up north, I'm intrigued by the following statistics.

Delaware is only at 4 lbs. or so?

New York has no idea?

I guess Tennessee and some others couldn't be bothered either.




No new records documented in 11 years, from the looks of it, unless I got hold of an outdated list.

State By State Smallmouth Records:

State/Pounds/ Fisherman/ Lake/ Year Caught

Alabama: 10 lbs 8ozs Owen F. Smith, Wheeler Dam Tailrace 1950

Arizona: 7 lbs .96ozs Dennis K Barnhill, Roosevelt Lake 1988

Arkansas: 7 lbs 5ozs Acie Dickerson, Lake Bull Shoals 1969

California: 9 lbs 1oz Tim Brady, Clair Engle lake 1976

Colorado: 5 lbs 12ozs Carl Dewey, Navajo Reservoir 1993

Connecticut: 7 lbs 12ozs Joseph Mankavskas Jr., Shenipsit Lake 1980

Delaware: 4 lbs 15.5ozs Jerry Proffitt, Brandywine River 1989

Florida: None

Georgia: 7 lbs 2ozs Jack Hall, Chatuge Lake 1973

Hawaii: 3 lbs 11ozs Williie Song, Lake Wilson 1982

Idaho: 8 lbs .5ozs Dan Steigers, Dworshak Reservoir 1995

Illinois: 6 lbs 7ozs Mark Samp, Strip Mine 1985

Indiana: 7 lbs 4ozs Dana Yoder, Twin Lake 1992

Iowa: 7 lbs 12ozs Rick Gray, Spirit Lake 1990

Kansas: 5 lbs 5.56ozs Rick O'Bannon, Wilson Reservoir 1988

Kentucky: 11 lbs 15 ozs, Dale Hollow 1998

Louisiana: NONE

Maine: 8 lbs 0ozs George Dyer, Thompson Lake 1970

Maryland: 8 lbs 4ozs Gary Peters, Liberty Reservoir 1974

Massachusetts: 8 lbs 2ozs Barbara Sasen, Wachusett Reservoir 1991

Michigan: 10 lbs .75ozs Mike Polega, Lake Huron 1996

Minnesota: 8 lbs 0ozs unknown, West Battle Lake unknown

Mississippi: 7 lbs 15ozs Anthony Denny, Nantchez State Park 1992

Missouri: 7 lbs 2ozs Kevin S. Clingan, Stockton Lake 1994

Montana: 6 lbs 9ozs Terry L. Bruyvestern, Fort Peck Lake 1990

Nebraska: 6 lbs 1.5ozs Wally Allison, Merrit Reservoir 1978

Nevada: Unknown

New Hampshire: 7 lbs 14.5ozs Francis H. Lord, Goose Pond 1970

New Jersey: 7 lbs 2ozs Carl Marciniak, Round Valley Reservoir 1990

New Mexico: 6 lbs 8.75ozs Carl L Kelly, Ute Lake 1972

New York: Unknown

North Carolina: 10 lbs 2ozs Archie Lampkin, Hiwasse Reservoir 1972

North Dakota: 5 lbs 1oz Denise Hoger, Lake Sakakawea 1987

Ohio: 9 lbs 8ozs Randy VanDam, Lake Erie 1993

Oklahoma: 7 lbs 8ozs Carl Gayle, Lake Texoma 1996

Oregon: 7 lbs 9.6ozs Ray Currie, Henry Hagg Lake 1997

Pennsylvania: 8 lbs 8ozs Robert Steelman, Scotts Run Lake 1998

Rhode Island: 5 lbs 15ozs Butch Ferris, Wash Pond 1977

South Carolina: 8 lbs 1oz Brenna Jo Ritteger, Lake Jocassee 1995

South Dakota: 5 lbs 14ozs James Brennen, Lake Francis Case 1995

Tennessee: Unknown

Texas: 7 lbs 15ozs Tim Teague, Lake Meredith 1998

Utah: 7 lbs 6ozs Alan Lorg, Midview Reservoir 1996

Vermont 6lbs 12ozs George Carlson Lake Champlain 1986

Virginia 7lbs 7ozs John Justice New River 1986

Washington 8lbs 12ozs Ray Wonacott Columbia River 1966

West Virginia 9lbs 12ozs David Lindsay South Branch 1971

Wisconsin 9lbs 1oz. Leon Stefonek Indian Lake 1950

Wyoming 4lbs 12ozs D. Jon Nelson Southeast Pit 1982

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By the way, the list is outdated. I don't remember the particulars but I do remember from B.A.S.S. Magazine that at least two or three new ones have been caught in the past two years. I believe one was an eight pound plus from Oklahoma and some monster from California (9+).

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