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Let's Play Two


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Being yet another golden cloudy day I again headed for the Fox.The fishing was slower than yesterday as evident by the lack of dinks.Nonetheless since getting even 1 biggie makes for a good outting & I hit 2 in the same spot as yesterday it would've been a good outting had I not missed them both, the 1st on the strike& the 2nd on about his 5th jump.Damn!The high % of missed big fish on bassbugs is really frustrating & aggravating.Went home for lunch.After taking a nap I decided to try & get the bad taste of those 2 misses on the Fox out of my mouth by grabbing the 4wt& heading for the Dupe which on the way home from the Fox I saw was up only a little & surprisingly with hardly any weeds adrift.It's a mystery why at times there can be a lot of weeds drifting at this time of year & at others hardly any at all for no apparent reason.Fished 3 areas from 4-7pm.Got nothing in the 1st spot where on 9/20 I'd gotten a 19".Ditto the 2nd where I hadn't fished since spring.It was starting to get dark by the time I got to the 3rd for the 1st time this year.Got a cupl dinks before I came upon a new sweeper. As the bassbug drifted along it came upon a hard fighting 17".The only way I could've lost this one is if he broke the line as he took the bug deep in the upper mouth.Had it been the lower the hook would've lodged in his gills. Like I've said before the only way to get over losing good fish is to catch one.All's well that ends well.

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Guest airbornemike

Nice one Ron, I can relate, one day there swallowing the darn thing and youre do'n stream side surgery, the next day there slapp'n and play'n with it and youre barley hook'n em.

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I'm gonna go with smaller bassbugs instead of the lmb size ones I use under the theory of big bait =big fish.I was using a smaller blockhead when this fish hit.Unlike the bigger bugs which just liphook this one was fully in the mouth.Same thing with a 16" I got yesterday afternoon on the Dupe.I'll bet that the smaller bugs will do just as well attracting the big guys with fewer lost.I guess there's a reason why there are usually 2 sizes shown in the catalogs, i for lmb,1 for smb.

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