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How Do You Determine Line Wt?

Mark K

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I've seen a conversion chart before, weight in grams and equivalent line weight. I think the Sage Bass series match their lines by grams instead of weight, and that's where I saw the conversion (I think). In essence, the the Sage Bass series rods were being overlined as part of the setup.


I'm sure if you do a Google you'll come up with something.

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I have a spool of line. Cheap line for a cheap rod. I not sure of the line wt. I heard you can determine it by weight. I have accesss to a very accurate gram scale. Is there some way I can figure it out?

To measure the line, you MUST keep all but the first 30 feet of line off the scale. The line rating system is basded on the first 30 feet of flyline. If you can't find the line rating system on the internet, let me know and I'll see if I can find my chart.

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