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Flambeau Flowage


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Has anyone fished it around the Park Falls/Phillips area? I was told about a 2 or 3 mile float between two dams around that area. Was looking for some insight put ins and places to stay if it is worth while?.....Thanks in advance if anyone responds.

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If you mean the Turtle Flambeau, stayed there about 30 years ago. Remember floating that stream. Did OK for Smallies and 1 Muskie. Don't remember the place we stayed at in Mercer it was on the flowage. Had a bar and cottages. It awas real cheap. It think it was on something called Rice Lake. I would check with the chamber of commerce up there or just find what you can online.


Mark O'Donnell

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I looked into short floats and available on the the Flambeau earlier this month. I was looking for someone who could provide shuttles for some 3 to 6 mile floats. I did not find any that short. Most of the standard floats on that river that are offered by the outfitters in that area were 11 to 12 miles at the shortest.


If you go to that area now, check the water levels and ask the outfitters a lot of questions about the water levels. Northern Wisconsin has been in drought conditions for two years and most of the rivers up there are pretty low. Some are barely floatable or not floatable at all. I can tell you from recent experience that it is not fun getting caught up on rocks, dragging a pontoon, and trying to catch bass in 2 inches of water.


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