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Fished the Kank Friday for 3 hrs in the afternoon.Fished subsurface in midriver & topwater along the shore. Only got 1 lmb.While I did ok for smb in spring it's been tough so far in summer no matter where.

I was happy to get back to lmb yesterday am at 1st light.Great time to be on the water.As the sky slowly lightens it's like being witness to Creation.Not to mention that the fishing's good then & you have it all to yourself.

Of the 4 bass I caught only 1 was worth a pic.But that 1 sure was. He measured 22" and his fight would do a smb proud. He jumped 3x & pulled like a Peterbuilt.Got him on a Gerbubble Bug the same fly I used getting some big bass last week.


Here are the flies I've been using.I've gotten good lmb on all of 'em this summer.From the top they are:Swimming Frog,Gerbubble,Foam Diver,Foam Popper,Epoxy Leach/Worm.The last is the only subsurface fly.They're big and cast best with an 8wt.One of the reasons that flyfishermen often get smaller bass whether lmb or smb is that they use too small flies.If you want big fish leave the little wooly worms,buggers etc. for trout/panfishing.If you can't cast bigger flies get a heavier wt rod or better yet get better at casting.

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thats a great bass and even better on a flyrod!! your right on the money with the big fly big fish theory, thats my thinking as well. I recently started tying bigger bass bugs. spun deerhair stuff and I'm getting better at it. been tying big streamers too.



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