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America's Most Endangered Rivers?

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I always wondered how they decide which rivers to include every year, so I emailed to ask.

The Kankakee River is dying a slow-to-moderate sure death, and would be a clear candidate- IF there was support.

Sadly, there aren't many that would be willing to stand up for her, or she wouldn't be in such a predicament to begin with.


I'm still going to try and drum up some sort of campaign.


Hi --


Here is a description of how the rivers are selected,


rs/background/://http://www.americanrivers.org/our-w... rs/background/ as well as some frequently asked questions,




Please let me know if you have additional questions.




Leslie Beck

Director of Internet Operations

American Rivers

Northwest Regional Office

4005 20th Ave West, Suite 221

Seattle, WA 98199

206-213-0330 x 10

206-213-0334 (fax)

206-675-0533 (cell)


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The first step in any major public awareness campaign is to focus on technology to get the word out.

Planted a seed in an environmentalist friend's ear at the ISA meeting I spoke at, regarding a video production on a major scale. I checked back with him tonight and learned that is going to happen.

An 8 minute version to present to prospective partners in preservation is getting produced initially.


A meeting to dissect and discuss further strategy is being scheduled.

(Norm- I'll be calling soon)


We've said it before, this river isn't going down in our lifetime without a fight.

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