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new here, hello everyone!!

James C

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well on this past monday i caught my very first smallmouth. WOW!!! thats all i can say. i caught him on the fox, a little ways downstream from the dam in Carpentersville. but havent had much luck at that spot since then and i know there are much better spots to target these monsters.. ive heard farther south like near Geneva is good fishing. but how is S.Elgin?


i plan on throwing spinners & buzzbaits, and some other top water like a Zaraspook, but as far as color. not really sure..


should i just stick w/ the whites,blacks & chartreuse colors? and what else is good to use besides the baits i mentioned?


ive always gone after Largies for the most part, but after catching that smallie ,thats now my target fish. way too much fun.


and also, ive never really fished the fox river all that much. any times i have , have usually been in the dundee/ carpentersville area since im from schaumburg area.


im glad i found this site/ forum though .its great & I look forward to contributing .

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James, welcome to the forums. As far as your gear questions are concerned, don't be too worried about color choices. It's probably the least important thing to consider. Other baits that should be in your tackle pack are soft plastics. Tubes, grubs, & senko style worms probably account for more smallies that all the rest of the "hard baits" combined. Learn to fish a jig and twister and you'll always catch something.

It really doesn't matter too much which town you're near, If we ever get into the hot part of this summer, look for areas with fast moving current. The smallies will be close by, especially around the edges of the fast water.


If you are serious about learning more about smallie fishing, I would suggest you become an ISA member. You can then attend our fishing outings where you can get first hand information about lures and tactics for catching more smallmouth. Since we don't allow discussions about exact spots here on the open forums, at the outings, you get to meet river veterans who are happy to help out fellow members who will share information about good locations and access points along the river. Members also receive our newsletter/magazine 6 times a year that is loaded with smallmouth specific information and news concerning conservation of smallmouth habitat.

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Guest rich mc

welcome and congrats on your first fox smallie. we have alot of great anglers checking in here. and for more smallie info check with ken darga at gats guns. rich

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