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7/4&7/7 fishing reports


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While the clouds& rain on the 4th didn't make for good grilling I figured they'd make for good lmb fishing and headed to Mazonia.Since it rained for most of the 5 hrs I fished that afternoon I fished subsurface as topwater would've gone unnoticed among all the raindrops disturbing the surface.Unlike most stripits which drop off quickly this one gradually deepens for about the 1st 15' form shore before dropping deep. Fished a floating line,9' leader and a long fly having an epoxy head imitating either a big leech or a worm. Added a splitshot to get it down better.The weather together with the fact that this pit is not clear the way most are allowed for shallow water bank pounding.3 of the 5 I hit were only about 13".One was 15".The 5th which was the 1st one I got just a few minutes in was a nice 18".Unfortunately he took the fly deep and bled out slowly dying on the stringer.Didn't want a pic of a dead fish.It's hard to believe those bait dunkers who claim they never kill a fish.

On 7/7 I gave lmb another go fishing lillypads with a topwater swimming frog for 3hrs from 5am-8am. Could've gone home at 530 as all the action came in the 1st half hour even though much of the water remained in shade thruout the 3hrs thanks to the tall cottonwoods along the east shore.The catch results exactly mirrored those on the 4th with the 2 biggest of the 5 caught being 15 & 18". I also missed a cupl good ones probably striking too soon.Needless to say it was a wild half hour.Next time I'll start at 430 or maybe try night fishing on a moonlit night.


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