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Contact your State Representatives!

jim bielecki

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I had an interesting discussion tonight with a reliable someone, who knows "a little bit" more about how Governor Blagojevich is managing the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources.


It's not good! Alot of money and resources are being diverted from the IDNR to pay for other unrelated programs.


Revenues generated from the enviornment should be put back into the environment. Unfortunately, this isn't the case!


I have written numerous letters and emails to the governor to encourage conservation and related programs. From what I gather, it's a waste of time. The person I spoke to said if you want to make a difference, contact your state representatives. That's how you can make difference. Also your local Village Hall for the town you live in would provide support for your concerns and respond positively to efforts we are trying to accomplish.


We all need to keep pressure on our government to protect our resources! One day they may be gone!


Here's the web site you can check out for your local representative: http://www.ilga.gov/reports/rptMemberList....amp;ChamberId=H

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