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Waders for Shocking Surveys

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In preparation for an upcoming volunteer with the IDNR, a friend asked if I had the right kind of waders so we don't get shocked and I responded as below. If my thinking is wrong I need correction post-haste. Can someone help me with what we'll need?


I responded-


You got me concerned now. I was always under the impression that there were breathable (not neoprene except maybe the socks) and non-breathable (all neoprene). I do have a set of Neoprene waders which I was under the impression were not breathable. Since neoprene is a form of rubber I assumed that would protect from shock and based on the 5 minutes I walked around in them in my living room (got them from my dad when he passed on) they are anything BUT breathable. If there is another type of waders, I don't even know where you'd get some as I've never seen anything listed but Neoprene and Breathable.


If my neoprene is what we need- 2 things 1) Pray for a cool day- and 2) your welcome to them on the 16th. Check again with Karen, but I think you'll find yours (if breathable) are not constructed of neoprene except maybe the sock. If they're Neoprene throughout then I don't think they're breathable and you should be protected.


I guess a long way of saying I thought "breathable" and "Neoprene" were mutually exclusive terms.



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No correction needed, Ron. You have it right. Especially the part where he should pray for a cool day. I know some guys who've used breathable and felt a mild tingle behind the knees.

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