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Smallies on the DuPage - what to use when the weeds come up


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Hello everyone. I am fairly new to fly fishing but have been fishing the DuPage for several years. The river is still fairly open but I know with things warming up, the DuPage will have plenty of weed growth. I have had good luck this year using the standards Wooly Buggers, Clousers, some smaller poppers. (see attached some of the nicer ones from the past couple of weeks). My questions is, what is a good pattern to use when the weeds come up? Dries?? Clousers, buggers and the like with weed guards? Anyone have some input?


Also, with the lack of weeds I have been using a 6 weight but perhaps moving up to an 8 (already have one) with 0X leader is necessary or because of water clarity should I use a finer leader/tippet?

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Bassbugs are a good choice once the water approaches 60 degrees and a must once the Dupe gets weed choked which so far this year has been postponed due to all the rain.No need to go as heavy as 0x.1or2x is heavy enuf.You shouldn't have to go to an 8wt to land smb in the weeds if you keep your rod held hi during the fight.They fight more like trout being less inclined to use cover to escape than their lmb cousins do.

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Guest airbornemike

I don't know were to find the pattern but I know of a guy that fishes a weightless minnow pattern on a keel hook, I haven't tried it but it look like a clouser tyed on a keel hook.

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