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More bass and gills


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Here's a pic of my last 'gil outting for some late spawners on 6/15. Fished the same pit the same way as in my previous post.When after the gills got suspicious of the sinking spider I was able to hit a few more by switching to a different fly, a wooly worm before trying a new spot.

On 6/17 floatubed for lmb again.Being cloudy I fished in the afternoon.Once again I fished a big swimming frog among lily pads.There were a cupl of inexperienced spin fishers using the wrong kind of lures for that kind of water who got 0 and another spinfisherman in a boat with his labrador retriever who did well using the right lures.2 of my bass were about 15-16".The3rd measured 18.

Yesterday I went to a strip pit for some lmb fishing at 1st light.All I got for getting up at 3am were a cupl dinks.Should've slept in.The last pic doesn't apply.it's from 5/28

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