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Small Victory

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The ISA is a signatory partner in this effort.





Dear signatory partners on the May 4, 2009 letter to IDOA regarding their Livestock Management Facilities Program website:




On behalf of Prairie Rivers Network, I wanted to thank you all again for signing on to our letter urging IDOA to improve their website and add more information about planned confined animal facilities. We received a very prompt response just a few days later and the highlights are:





There were a few requests that were politely not honored, such as the posting of electronic Notices of Intent and the facility addresses of applicants. We will be responding to IDOA's letter and pushing for the addition of a "Public Access and Participation" section to their website which would explain how the public can request the information that IDOA is not willing to post online.




In closing, we didn't get everything that we asked for, but we did get some things, and the website is far better than it was just a few months ago! I think IDOA is responding to public pressure and anger, and that their website will continue to improve.




Thanks again for signing on, Stacy James




Stacy James, Ph.D.


Water Resources Scientist


Prairie Rivers Network


1902 Fox Drive, Suite G


Champaign, IL 61820


phone: 217-344-2371


fax: 217-344-2381





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