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Tough Time


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Fished the river on 6/5. Fishing was slow perhaps due to the rather low and very clear water.Surprisingly for this time of year there was an increase in bottom algae which in the past has seen it decreasing and being replaced with eel grass by now. For the 1st time this year there was the nuisance of a lot of algae floating on the surface repeatedly fouling the fly.There wera a few clumps of eel grass in the early stages of growth which should become explosive if the water stays clear. The only highlight came when I fished THE SPOT where on each of the 2 previous times I fished it I got an 18.5" bass leading me to think it might've been the same fish.No chance of that this time as this one measured 17.25" It put up a fine fight on the 4wt jumping clear of the water twice. If I could make only 1 cast I certainly know where I'd go to make it.Given the water conditions I fished a subtle sneaky pete.A jude bug fished as a slider would've been a good choice too.

On 6/6 I fished lmb.It would've been a pretty good outting if I hadn't lost 2 nice bass about 17 & 18" respecively one on the jump and the other as I reached for the camera.I than checked the fly, a big blockhead, to find it was debarbed! Anyone buying flies from Anglers International in Palatine should examine the hook. On 6/7 I floatubed a different place for lmb for the 1st time.Good looking water but all I got for an afternoon's fishing was 1 17". Being the only one, I unstringered it when I quit without bothering with a pic. Fished a big swimming frog among the lily pads with an 8wt.

All in all a pretty tough weekend of fishing.

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