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On 6/1 I fished the same area where I got some big smb last week. Onthe 3rd cast in exactlly the same spot where I'd hit an 18.5 I caught another the same size. Probably the same fish.If so having been stung 2x on a bassbug it may be some time before he eats anything on the surface again.Let's hear it for C&R! It soon began thundering lightning and pouring rain.While the storm was short lived I was able to hit only 1 more at about 11" after it passed,


The forecast on 6/2 was for cloudy weather which is good for lmb fishing. So I went to Mazonia.Instead it turned somewhat sunny :( So instead of topwater I fished a big plastic worm imitating fly.After failing to hit anything with it I figured I had nothing to lose with a bassbug which is at least less boring to fish and eventually got a 16" Should've headed to K3's shallow murky backwaters for lmb once it got sunny instead.

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