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Maiden Voyage


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I finally pulled the trigger and bought a SOT yak. After seeing the 2009 Tarpon in person, I was glad I waited 'til now. The new hatches are a 100% improvement.


Took it out for the first time tonight and was grinning ear to ear the whole time. Tracks well, paddles upstream well, and plenty stable. Getting on and off is a breeze compared to my sit-in yaks. The Phase 3 seat is very comfy.


Drawbacks? My 12' Pungo weighs 50 lbs. The new tarpon weighs in at 60. I didn't think the 10# increase would make too much of a difference. I was wrong. I think putting on the car it will get easier after a few more tries, after getting used to the load and figuring the best way to hoist it.


I even caught some fish! A dozen smallies 10-14", a couple of rock bass, and a small northern. All on the Chug Bug, of course.


Life is good!

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Congrats on your new kayak, Jude . . . anyone who catches smallies from a yak or canoe is "Star Quality" in my journal !!!


That said, still looking forward to bringing my canoe out to the Kish and having you join me. I have plenty of Chug Bugs in my arsenal as well. Of course, now that you have a top notch kayak, you may not want to lower yourself to floatfishing in a canoe . . . then again, you would sit higher in my canoe that on your SOT yak.

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