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Quick post from my FL Trip

Steve S.

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Bass fishing was rather poor, but I had a blast one day on the St. Johns River catching these on the 5 weight.








These were all of the same fish as I took 3 hoping to get one good one. All the fish had this head pigment thing going and this one was most pronounced as well as the biggest caught. Initially I thought I was catching shellcrackers (redear sunfish), but after searching the web, I think these were just bluegill with some kind of spawning pigment.


Any thoughts on an ID?


A great alternative fish to catch while waiting for the bass to work through their spawning period. Loads of fun on the fly rod!

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What you have there is a fully mature "Coppernose Bluegill". Mostly indigenous to the lower states (Alabama, Louisiana, etc.) but have been stocked throughout the U.S., although I haven't seen any in Illinois.




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Nobody likes catching big sunfish on a flyrod more than me but that's an often long way to go for panfishing.You should've hired a guide and gone after Tarpon.May is prime Tarpon time in Florida.


Maybe some day.............never fished saltwater other than deep sea trolling but I'd definitely try inland waters some day.


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