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Kankakee outing 04-26

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By my count 10 ISA members made the outing. No officers present and no sign in sheet so I don't have all the names. If you attended , please provide yor names.


I gave a short spiel assisted by Raymond on recent conditions and lures/tactics. Phil and I did a short map session to go over some areas he was thinking of fishing. After that we split into three groups. I took myself and three others including my son Zachary who is a member. Raymond and Phil each took two others including Raymond's nephew who is also a member. It was good to see representation from the next generation of sportsman/conservationists.


My group's initial area was a series of slackwater spots of varying sizes with a cobblestone/mud/sand bottoms. We all kinda did different things from flukes to jig/3 inch worms trying to eastablish a pattern to no avail. We made a brief pit stop back at the cars to shed raincoats and extra clothes as the sun had reappeared. We hit some other slackwater spots that were fairly similar using multiple tactics. All in all the results were not overwhelming but it wasn't a skunking either.


We made a brief stop at the Trading Post in Altorf for refreshment and to pick up some lures. We hit another stretch of river with slack areas this one was predominately soft bottom with lots of wood cover. I thought I found the pattern when I picked up some fish from wood laying parrallel to the current flow on a jig/pig. Unfortunately it wasn't to hold real well although we did get some more pickups on that type of cover.


The last stop was a tributary but there was nothing going there so our group called it a day about 200PM or so. Some fish caught, one of our newer members saw new new water and Zach caught a salamander when he flipped a log over. The salamander and all fish released no worse for the wear.


I'll let anyone else that wants to chime in take it from here.

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My party consisting of sean,john and myself headed out to the mouth of Rock creek/we had no luck in this location except working up quite a sweat/the rain seemed to bring some nice humiditywith it,and in the rain gear we shed some lbs/we headed up river to the other end of the park/opposite h.a. #2 and john quickly got a smb bass on the currant seam with a white grub/john unfortunatley had to leave quickly ,hopefully all is well, meand sean continued up stream/got my firsty fish in slack pool 16"lmb, a few rock bass along the way and then we hit an area were I landed 6 smb from 14-17//all were right up along the willows,fast water,I was pulling a blue chigger craw on a keeper, like a spinner bait along this edge.This is a tech. I have used in the spring the last few years with great results,I have also had success with sililar rage tails. Only fish till noon,tried but could not get sean a fish/it was his first outing and he said he couldnot believe how cool the river was/I told wait till you have a 20+ fish day/ Thanks to all

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