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Kish float this Saturday (IT'S ON)

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Good news? We won't have to drag over shallow spots.


Bad news? I'm sure you've guessed it...high water. Again.


Once again, Ma Nature has flipped us the bird. But...


I'm still going to do the float. The level is a couple feet higher than I'd like, but it will come down some in the next few days. It should be fishable. We will be floating from Belvidere to Cherry Valley, starting around 8:00.


I have no firm confirmations yet, so if the high water scares everyone away, I'd be up for trying it two weeks from Saturday.


Please PM me your phone # if you are up for this Saturday, and I'll let you know the details.


I'll be out of the house the rest of this evening, so don't expect a response tonight. Please chime in by tomorrow (Thursday) night if you're interested......Jude

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Jude . . . since the water is high and the 3K outing is scheduled for the following day, I would favor postponing the Kish outing a couple weeks.



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I've had plenty of interest, and the river doesn't look TOO bad, so we're going to float this Saturday. We'll meet at the launch site (just N. of 141 S. Appleton Rd., Belvidere) at 8:00.


I'll post all the details when I have time a little later tonight, but wanted to give as much notice as possible that it was on.

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We'll be meeting at 8:00 at the canoe launch (Just north of 141 S. Appleton Rd., Belvidere). From there, we'll have to shuttle some vehicles down to Cherry Valley, come back, and be floating before 9:00. Plan on all day (pack a lunch). It is 10 miles or so to the take out: Bauman Park in Cherry Valley. My guess is, we'll be there around 5:00 or so. Past fishing trips have taken anywhere from 6 to 12 hours (I promise this one won't take 12 hours). When casually floating with my wife (without fishing), it's about a three hour float. The half-way take out that I mentioned earlier may not be an option. I drove by that park today, and the gate was locked. I'll call the Park District tomorrow to see if it will be unlocked this weekend.


From 90:


Genoa Rd exit, head north (right) on Genoa.


Head west on Highway 20.


Take Appleton Rd exit off of 20, head north.


Cross Newburg Road, and the launch is on your left, just past a gas station and a bar.


From 39:


Take 20 east exit (Belvidere/Cherry Valley)


Take Appleton Rd exit off of 20, head north.


See above.

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The fishing wasn't so hot, but the five of us managed to have a good time and stay relatively dry. The floaters included me, Stan Z, Rick L (from s. of Champaign!), Joe A, and Stan's friend Ed.


When we put in at Belvidere around 8:45 the water was high and fast, but the clarity was OK. Within the first ten minutes, a smallie busting minnows against the bank caught my attention. I threw my J-Rap right on top of him and the fat 14 incher nailed it immediately. Good omen, right? WRONG!


I did manage three more (13", 12", 8") and missed a few the rest of the day, all on the chug-bug. It must have been home field advantage. Unfortunately, I was the only one to catch anything. Fortunately, everyone had a good attitude and enjoyed the scenic float as well as each other's company.


Thanks to fast water and slow fishing, we ended the trip in Cherry Valley around 2:00, quite a bit sooner than I had expected. We got sprinkled on a few times, but I got the wettest when I went in up to my chest when trying to exit the yak to check out a downed tree across the river. That was also when Stan realized he was missing one of his flyrods.


Thanks for coming out guys.

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Sounds like I missed a real eventful outing, Jude. When it comes to running fast water on a river, I prefer paddlin' white water Class 2-3 in my canoe without fishing gear.


Glad to here you made it out unscathed. When the river settles down, let me know . . . will bring my canoe out for a private outing.

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