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Menominnee Mud Bug

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This is a really cool bottom, craw imitating fly. It was invented by Nelson Ham, a guide in Wisconsin. This has fast become my favorite fly to work on the bottom. Click on the link and you can get the recipe. The only difference between my fly and the one that Nelson ties is that he uses a tin lead head jig. I just went ahead and used dumbbell eyes.







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Jonn, nice cray imatation.

I love the Enrico Puglisi streamer brush with the micro legs, albeit it is a bit pricey.

Alan Sherman used the streamer brush material to tie his version of the Hairy Fodder at the Flies of the ISA event earlier this month.

He really likes it because its so much lighter than the wet rabbit fur to cast.


Alan ommitted the rattle in his demo so when I got home I tied some with the rattle. I like the plumper profile and the sound.





Here are the other ties that were shown.


Charlie Boy Hopper



Periodical Cicada



Eye Screw Baitfish (articulated tail on this one)



Clouser Swimming Nymph



Chenille Frog



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