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Grant Deadline

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Our first grant cycle deadline of 2009 is approaching.


The Illinois Smallmouth Alliance is accepting proposals for small grants to further conservation, research, management and fishing opportunities for smallmouth bass in Illinois. The Illinois Smallmouth Alliance is a conservation and fishing organization devoted to catch and release smallmouth bass fisheries. Smallmouth bass come from the natural processes of ecosystems that predate the arrival of humans in North America. The mechanisms in ecosystems that sustain smallmouth bass also sustain thousands of other species that smallmouth bass depend on and interact with directly and indirectly. Our conservation grants are intended to help protect and restore these processes that have historically sustained smallmouth bass and the systems that support them.


The total ISA granting budget will be determined by available funds and the quality of the applications. Historically, ISA grants have been $2,000 or less. Annual granting budgets have typically been $10,000 or less. Priority will be given to applications with matching funds, projects compatible with the philosophy of the ISA, members or groups willing to work with the ISA, and projects that help fulfill the ISA missions of conservation, education and recreation.


Please submit the following format in an MS Word attachment to Mike Clifford by March 31, 2009.


Diagrams, figures and photographs may be included in the document or linked to sites online. Please limit total file size to 2 MB. Funded grantees must be prepared to provide a brief project report for ISA publications.


Grant title: Give an accurate title for your project of less than 2 lines of Times New Roman 12 pt. text.


Grant applicant name: Give the name and contact information of the applicant(s) including address, phone, e-mail, and professional or organizational affiliation.


Project goals: State the purpose of the funding request with a description of specific goals of the project.


Project approach: Explain in detail how the goals of the project will be met.


Project relevance and justification: Explain the direct or indirect benefits of this grant and how the proposed grant meshes with the philosophy and goals of the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance.


Budget: Provide a budget for the funds that are being requested. Please be as specific as possible, covering all costs including items such as indirect costs and shipping. If this request is part of a larger project, or is to be used as funding “match” please identify additional funding sources and the status of those funds.


Collaborators: Name the individuals and institutions who will be participating in this project, their contributions to the project and their contact information.


Timeline: Provide a brief timeline to project completion.


Applicant qualifications: Provide a resume or a summary of the applicant’s experience and qualifications relevant to the project goals.


For more information regarding ISA grants, contact Conservation Director Mike Clifford isaconservation@comcast.net

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