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Quel ditterence a year makes


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Have been out 3 x in the past cupl weeks with only 1 15" smb to show for it and even he got away after a cupl jumps. Last year I did consisently well beginning in mid March.Then the water wasn't as high or as muddy as this year which makes fishing and flyfishing in particular tougher.Hopefully we're done with the repeated heavy rains for awhile.

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Is there any reason you don't use gear when it's a better alternative, Ron?


You'll get 'em.


I love ffing too much to go back to spinning.Gave away all my spinning stuff almost 20 years ago and have never regretted it.While spinning is certainly easier less complicated and often more more productive I find a kind of enjoyment in flyfishing that doesn't exist for me nearly as much in spinning regardless of #s caught and after all that's the important thing.You're a young guy.Maybe someday long before you've made your last cast you'll have tried ffing too.If you do you may come to feel the same way.

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