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Skip Haltermans Original Spinfly Fishing Line

Jack T

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This was an article in an Arkansas newspaper:-

Spin Fishing Line, a highly compressed fly line approx 20 inches long, it allows you to cast the lightest,smallest flies-including tiny dry flies- with a "Spinning Rig"

Article goes on to say that it was shown to Kim Erickson, Oklahoma Dept of Wildlife Conservation, an ardent fly fisherman, the product deeply offended him and he denounced it as an affront to everything thats's scared about fly fishing, article goes on to say that in fishing with it at Beaver Tailwaters it was impervious to the wind and allowed throwing effortlessly every size fly he had in his two boxes, it curls and unfurls just like a fly line.

Comes in six weights from 50 grains to 300 grains, available in floating, neutral sink and fast sink.

Also states that he patented the twist on strike indicator now marketed by Orvis and the drag system on the US Reels Super Caster reels that have done extremely well for spin fishing. he is located near the San Juan River, New Mexico, 1-800-752-87132


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Guest rich mc

i remember seeing a segment on a fishing show about that. they were in a canoe catching trout. one on the fly rod another catching more with a spinning out fit. maybe dan basore know more on it. it was about 10-12years ago. can you imagine throwing a jude bug on spinning gear! rich

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