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Kankakee River Follow-Up

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On a gorgeous Saturday morning we had 12 volunteers show up at the Kankakee River State Park to pick up trash, post signs and check for wear and tear on existing ones.

I'd like to thank everyone that showed up, as you are the reason we are able to take these projects on.

We managed to post quite a few yellow catch and release as well as white reporting signs after picking up trash.

A day well spent.





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Guest rich mc

it was nice to finally see the park and river. sure is alot of habitat for the smallies. was great to get a tour by mark kasick as we checked signs and picked up garbage. what was also cool was the drive out there,jim and jonn were on the outdoor notebook radio program. rich

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I've been meaning to post on this for a few days now...

It was great to get involved in a project like this. I think that the impact goes beyond just the fact that some trash was cleaned up, and some signs where posted, although both those things are reason enough for projects like this. The biggest impact is in public relations, or more specifically in the relations that the ISA builds with the organization that it was co-operating with on this project. The fact that a fishing organization would volunteer to spend time working on cleanups and posting signs sends a powerfull message to the DNR and consevation organizations. And hopefully adds extra credability to the voice of the ISA.

Thanks for all your work organizing, Mike!

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Thank you for coming out Al!

If I'm not mistaken, you recently signed on as an ISA member?

First and foremost, I hope you are enjoying your first year in the club, and find your membership beneficial in not only the volunteer opportunities we provide, but for the social aspects as well.

Just give a holler if you ever need anything.

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