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Christmas Present

Jim J

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Received a Wild Heartland smallie print for Christmas. Got it custom framed when there was a sale.




I own all the In-Fisherman magazines since it's inception in the 70's. At last year's Blowout I asked Dave Csanda to help me get them autographed by the founders, Al and Ron Lindner.


Got them back a few months ago and here they are framed.




Both are hanging in my office.


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That is totally cool! .

If only you could have met the "Great One" in person a few years ago. He is a pretty personable guy...in case you are interested. HA!

Just wondering...have you got the recent issue of Gray's Sporting Journal??? BWAAHHH...ha ha hah!


I have the In-Fisherman Smallmouth Book autographed by pretty much all the authors, including Larry Dahlberg...who commented " Oh, you got all the rascals here..."


Dan Sura, a guy you gotta love. Took up a whole page and signed it in giant letters: "SMALLIES RULE!!!"



But those two issues, with those two hands upon them. Very cool.



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