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Central Regional Meeting this Friday.

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This Friday night will be our third of four winter meetings. We will meet at Gander Mtn in Peoria at 6:00. We will have a special presentation by ISA members Tim Sefried and Steve Jordan. They will present a visual description of their trip last year to Northeastern Iowa. Should be an interesting presentation.


We will also discuss possible fishing sites for 2009 outings.


Hope to see a big crowd.

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Fred, are you in the Chicago Civic?

How about the Illinois Wesleyan University Civic Orchestra, that performs Friday night at the Bloomington Center for Performing Arts. Jim, we are doing Bolero, so you might really enjoy it.

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Just got word from our presenters, that they will have a "bang-up" presentation. Visual with informative handouts. You will be crazy to miss this one.

Call me crazy, but I will have to miss it. Incidentally, Gander Mountain, as of today, is out of dumbell heads for fly tying, of any size or color. I was in the area and stopped into pick some up. Can I get the handouts even if not in attendance?

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