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New Swim Jig colors for 2009

Jonn Graham

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It is almost swim jig time! Last year I started catching smallies on the swim jig in March. I have been working hard to come up with some new patterns for 2009. I think I have some winners. My skirt manufacturer just came out with some new skirts called his "living image" series. This is truly something different, as he has taken a skirt and got the colors to appear in a set pattern. You will understand what I am talking about when you see the three new patterns for 09.







The two pictures above are of the new "Blue Shad" pattern. If you look closely, you can see how the colors follow a pattern down each individual skirt strand.




Now, the above pattern should be a real winner. It is taken from the popular jerkbait pattern - chartreuse shad. That is also what I am calling the pattern.




Last but not least is the above pattern. Right now with cranks the hot color is called Sexy Shad. This jig pattern is derived from this popular set of colors. I think this one might be the neatest and most unique.


Any questions or comments..................let me know.

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