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Flies for Blowout

John Loebach

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Tie your favorite or easy patterns. I will have a seperate raffle again this year with some good stuff. The only way to get in is to donate flies. You can get them to me up to the drawing at 4/4. Raffle tickets are one for each set of 6 flies donated. Really good odds for some quality prizes including a flyrod, a new vest & more. Don't miss out! Raffle award at next Flies of the ISA on 4/4/07, you don't need to be there to win.


We are at mid season for the shows, many flies have found their way to me, thanks to all who have tied. The Blowout will feature 10 or more dozen of these flies in boxes (one each 12 patterns)- a great prize. The rest go to the new member incentive packs for the shows. Your help is greatly appreciated & the raffle items will be expanded to reflect the participation, include tying materials & more. Remember to bring your flies to an event or contact me so I can anticipate whats coming.

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I'll send you couple dozen flies. (Jude Bugs and Clousers) I'll make sure they get to you in advance of the Fly Show on the 20th. PM me your address. I doubt that I'll make the 4-4 event, but I'll let you know for sure asap.....Jude

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