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Vise Time

Michael T

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Here's a few of my recent efforts at the vise. I tyed one at the request of Don R, who's about ready to start throwing the fly rod. I know that this is the case because he's tying a cork popper fly on his spinning gear and lighting the top water on fire. He also gets credit for the name of this deer hair fly: The Jalepeno Popper.



I love tying frog patterns, and here's a new one. After throwing the ones I've tyed, I get frustrated that the hind legs tangle after every cast. To keep this from happening on this frog, I tyed in stiff mono at the bend and then tyed the legs at 2 points along the mono.



I haven't fished this minnow pattern yet, but I think it looks pretty good. Notice the long hairs trimmed past the hook bend? My intent is that these help keep the marabou from tangling under the hook.



Got crayfish? I think the claws need to be shortened. Fury foam is good stuff.


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Hi Michael! I get to close to Don when he has the Spinning Rod I can't imagine how he will be with a Flyrod in his hands. You are getting very good at tying those Fly Patterns. They look very realistic to me and if I were a Smallmouth I would eat one.

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The Jalepeno Popper.


I really like this one! Minimalist. Hopefully we'll hear how it does on the water. I'd put my money on it doing great!



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You know Gary, I think Don's casting problems had involved that hat he wears. He washed it about a month ago, and that little hazey cloud disappeared; he must be able to see better now. I was surprised to see the crayfish pattern turn out so well.


It's been a little while since I ate a real Jalepeno popper, Jamie. But the thing I remembered was all the cheddard cheese ooozing out the top. It's a little big for a popper, but that was intentional since a spinning rod is to throw it. I tyed it on a #4 6x-long Daiichi. I might cast it once or twice with the fly rod, but I promised Don it was his.

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Nicely tied flies.


I read what you wrote about the legs tangling. There are a few tricks that I use a lot to solve this problem. The farther you tie the legs back on the fly, the less chance of them tangling. In addition, you can tie in a piece of stiff mono in a loop at the back of the hook so that the loop runs perpendicular to the plane of the hook shank/bend/point (i.e. in the plane of the water surface). The legs will still be allowed to dangle freely, but will not slide around the hook bend if you keep the loop big enough and close enough to the tie in point of the legs.



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