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more creations from the Graham vise

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The following pics are of some of my newest ties:




A little information about each fly to follow:






The above picture is of a fly I found on the internet. It is called Megan's Minnow. Very simple but looks like it will be a good, small minnow imitator. Small amount of lead wire wrap on the shank gives it a little weight to sink, but not too fast. Tail is fox and the body is a sparkle braid. The back is folded back deer hair. Epoxy finish.




The above fly is my version of the Bob Clouser Madtom. Really like the way this one turned out. I did not have the proper materials to make the side fins, but took some short deer hair fibers and wrapped them tight to make the fibers flair out like fins. I think it came out pretty nice.




The above picture has a standard clouser on the top (bluegill color). The bottom fly is Bob's purple darter. I really like the darter tye. Much like a clouser but a little smaller with one extra deer hair step.




The above pic is of a couple of bottom-dwelling crawfish flies. The top one uses sparkle chenille for the body and the bottom one uses Rich's chenille material.


That is it for now. I am constantly searching the net for other flies that are simple enough for me to tye and look like they would be effective.


Any comments, criticisms, or tips are much appreciated.

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jonn, with your bottom dwelling craws you can add a hackle feather and palmer it from back to front. it will give it more "body" and move more water. I cant remember what I sent you and if there were any examples of what I mean. I'll try to get some pics up so you can see what I mean. but they are lookin good! you are a official tyer.



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