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Delaying/preventing icey guides

Jonn Graham

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There is no way I am going to put the fly rod away for the winter. I will have to do some fly fishing in below freezing air temps. I have the type of fly line that will perform well in cold weather, but the guides on my fly rod will ice up as was evident this afternoon. Anyone out there got a way to delay the forming of ice on the guides? Maybe something you can spray onto the guides? Silicone...............PAM cooking spray???? Help............please..............my creek still contains open water and is calling my fly fishing name.

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Loon Outdoors makes a product called "Stanley's Ice-Off Paste". It is made to prevent the condition you're talking about. Just apply a small amount to your fingers or a small square of cloth & wipe on the guides & your line. It's available at any fly shop. I picked up some at FlyMasters of Indianapolis when I was over there for Thanksgiving. All the mail order places have it and, I can't remember for sure, but I think Gander Mountain in Peoria might have it.


You can also get it here: http://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.php?stor...mp;target=FL005




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Pam works. Dressing your line works. Loon's ice off product works.


If your line is picking up water then you're going to get ice in the guides. When fly fishing for steelhead I make sure that I've cleaned and dressed my lines so that they shed as much water as possible. I also try to use short drifts instead of making long casts and stripping the line back. This keeps the water out of the guides. Also, keeping the tip out of the water is a big help.


Good luck with the winter fishing!





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I use anitfreeze on my ice fishing guides...it seems to work pretty well. I also wipe down my auger with it and ice scooper...it works.


I have used lubricants like WD 40 and silocone lubricants but they don't hold up for me.


I'm cheep so I use the antifreeze.


But if you're steel heading, I would use a specific product like recommended above...salmon and steelhead have a keen sense of smell.




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You realize that the stuff is poisonous, don't you?



Yep, it is a poison...most chemicals are...including road salt sprayed on driveways and roads, gasoline spilled from filling lawn mowers, car wax, Rain-X, oil from cars, acid rain, sulfur residues, car wash detergent, gasoline, window cleaners, fertilizer...all of it washes into every lake and stream. Even goose crap is a poison...it's loaded with botualism bacteria.


I believe the amount I use is negligible in comparison to all of the above...1/4 oz at the most???


All I do is wipe down my auger and then dip the tip of my rod in the bottle...it's called Incredible Orange Anti-ice. It was designed to use before winter storms on the driveway to prevent ice from forming. It's supposed to be sprayed on and it forms a shield on your sidewalk or driveway preventing the ice from freezing to it.



I haven't used it on the drive way so I'm not sure how well it works...I only use it on my ice fishing poles and auger.

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