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ISA Kids Casting/State Fair 2006 Follow-Up

Mike Clifford

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Once again I'd like to thank Marc Miller and the office of Lt. Governor Pat Quinn for inviting the ISA to participate in the Illinois State Fair activities.

Our Kids Casting clinic was a big draw as always, as there was little down-time for Steve Jordan and myself throughout the day. Each child left us with a smile and a goodie-bag, and hopefully a better understanding of how to cast a fishing rod. There were actually quite a few that had never done it before, so perhaps we may have succeeded in "hooking a kid on fishing for life".



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It was a very enjoyable day working with the kids and talking with Mike and Mark.

I will be on board again next year if Iam needed.


It might be worth noting in this picture that there is a pair of very large fir like trees in the background and about 25 % of our casters made it into the said trees. Another 50% went into the horticultural display and lemonade stand on the right. It amazed me we only lost one casting plug (you know those things can really smart when you catch one right between the sholder blades :blink: ).



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Here is an article that discusses the acrylic model more extensively.

The Illinois Paddling Council deserves much of the credit for coming up with the idea:



I took some video of the Dam Simulator, but these guys do a much better job-


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I'd like to thank Mike and Steve for their efforts on Saturday. They helped encourage hundreds of kids to go fishing through their "mentorship" at the fair. Hopefully some of the kids will get the bug - along with their parents - and go create some memories.


I'd also like to add that the website - www.damsafe.org - is one that has a number of resources for the Illinois Dam Safety Initiative. We're making some great progress here!


Thanks again for spending your Saturday at the State Fair.



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