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Peak Fly Tying Vice


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Thanks to all who responded to my initial request for input about upgrading my fly tying vice and tools over the holidays.


Having received a strong endorsement of Renzetti vices coupled with the referral from Mike G to the FlyFishOhio website, I stopped by Trout & Grouse on Sunday since they are a distributor of Renzetti vices. Found that these vices were considered "state of the art" (and therefore more expensive). In light of ongoing costs associated with my other activities (tennis club, fishing clubs, canoeing club, etc.), I'm not an exclusive fly fisherman and tyer. So I was hoping for a good vice at a more moderate price.


That said, I shared copies of the info from the FlyFishOhio website with the Trout & Grouse guys . . . endorses the Peak vice as the best in the $100 - $150 price range (MSRP US $144 with optional midge and saltwater jaws for $35 each).


Trusting that there are seasoned fly tyers out there who have used the Peak vice, would appreciate your insights as I narrow the field before making the purchase. Thanks.

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I have been using a Peak vise for several years now. It meets my needs for the flies that I tie. The standard jaws work great for hooks up to about #1 , but once you start using it with heavier hooks, you need to use a lot of pressure to get the hooks to stay put. I have tied on flies up to 2/0 with this vise. If you are planning on tying a lot of deer flies on big hooks, I would either order the Peak vise with the jaws made for big hooks or get something else. The Peak vise a a great vice for the money.


If I were to get another vise, I would spend more money and get a Dyna King. The notched jaws in Dyna King Vises really holds hooks well with less effort.

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