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11/18 Bassbugger tying west 6:30pm

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11/18 – Bassbugger tying west –Moved because of holiday- Our monthly meeting for members to demonstrate fly patterns & tie along. Bring your thread & tools, materials will be provided. Arrive after 6pm. New to tying? Come out & learn! New location - we will meet to tie in my garage at 348 West Windsor Ave., Lombard , IL. Questions? call me 630/251-5904 John Loebach- Arrive 6pm start 6:30 Come out this time to help tie flies for new member kits at the sports shows. Tie your favorite or easy patterns. Let me know what so I can have materials. I will have a seperate raffle again this year with some good stuff. The only way to get in is to donate flies. You can also get them to me later.

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Five tyers tonight for a couple hours. Shared the tye for Alan's Fuzzy grub & Josh's spinner'd minner. Proceeded to do our thing independantly with the results: Cory G. - 6 zoo cougars, Alan S. - 6 fuzzy bugs, Stan Z. - 6 clousers, Pat H. -6 humbugs, John L. - 6 spinner'd minners - ALL DONATED to the till for the upcoming shows new member packages. ( Cory brought another 12 clouser crippled minnows tied earlier!) Thank you ALL!

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