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Large Scale Farming- The Answer to a Cleaner Environment!

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Was Googling around a bit today, and found this juicy tidbit from Jim Sacia's own page.


Read the whole thing in the link, and make up your own mind.


The new Rosendale Dairy being built in western Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, where 7,000 cows will be milked, certainly compares favorably with Traditions Dairy being built by A.J. Bos in Nora, Illinois.


Both of these dairy projects are receiving opposition from some who aren't in favor of production agriculture. In some parts of the world people are literally starving, and I feel some opponents may have lost sight of the fact that it's production agriculture that feeds us. Throughout society we expect modernization. We shop at box stores and buy products over the internet. We now pay at the pump when we fill our gas tanks. With our ever-growing world population we need to also modernize what feeds us.




I understand that some have been led to believe that our water will turn brown, the smell will drive away the tourists and your property values will be cut in half and our tax base and water table will decline, but it's just not so. Large scale farming is actually the way to a cleaner environment.




The Reporter Newspaper out of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin reported on September 14, 2008 "Large scale farming is the answer to a clean environment. There will be nowhere on the dairy where rain and manure will mix and run off…" "There are tens of thousands of acres that are currently using chemical fertilizers. Area crop farmers are in need of an affordable replacement for petroleum-based chemical fertilizers. We will have a terrific natural fertilizer, produced locally. And it is a lower carbon footprint production model."




A recent study by Iowa State University showed that houses that had cats inside or homes with residents who smoke, had much higher levels of harmful chemicals in them than homes just a short distance from large livestock farms.

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