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Suggestions on Places to Kayak for a Beginner Near Lombard Area


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Hey Guys,


I figure it has been a while since I have posted and since the weather is not as nice as it has been I figure now is a good time to post again.


I just bought a new kayak( Advanced Elements Inflatable Advanced Frame Kayak) and am a beginner with kayaking and was wondering on some places you might recommend to try which would be okay for a beginner near Lombard IL, or not more then an hour away. I feel as I have mostly missed this season to go, yet am looking forward to some places next year. Oh and I enjoy fishing too which I figured I would throw that in also. I enjoy fly fishing, fishing with a baitcaster, or spin caster, or anything fishing in general. I enjoy fishing mostly for large mouth, and small mouth bass. :). If you can suggest some places to try I am more then willing to give it a shot. Or if someone wants to possibly go fishing some time let me know. Looking forward to your responses.....











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Get a permit for your boat & you can learn in several of Dupage forest preserve lakes - safer than the rivers at first. The Fox offers alot of good access & safe water at low flows - 1000cfs on the Montgomery dam guage, just be careful if you venture out on higher levels, you might have to respond faster. Also get used to wearing your PFD when you need it you won't have time to put it on. It helps to boat with another yakker.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I had just got my kayak registered with Illinois, so I am safe on that. I of course do plan on on always wearing my PFD as you never know when things could go wrong. I do plan on trying a few lakes, as well as using my kayak on a few rivers once I get used to this kayak. Thanks for all the advice.

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