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A few of my custom creations

Joe D

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Here are a few flies I've tied.



These are some hexes:



This is a tandem hex wiggler:



Another tandem hex wiggler:



The next 5 are assorted sizes of hex flies:












Here's my version of a golden stone fly. There a few wigglers in there too:










This is one of my designs, I call it a Crawbug:


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rich, I can do a hex in about 10 minutes. its the golden stones that are very time consuming. I do them in stages, so the flex seal has time to dry. I tie the bodies, color them and seal them. I do 6-8 at a time and then start the second step on the first one over again. usually by then its dry enough to continue.


the crawbug is a example of my "hybrid" flies. it is of my own design using ideas from other flies. you wont find it in any book. that is what I was talking about on johns thread.



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Guest rich mc

jonn, he can probably tie a few at the shabbona swap meet that you will be speaking at. you should be able to buy some and see how he ties them. i know i would like to see a demo . rich

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